Real Estate

CFH’s track record in real estate transactions in Europe and the US is quite extensive and primarily engaged in a dual role. These are:
One: CFH provides advisory services to clients who are planning a real estate acquisition. In this type of mandate, CFH acts in the capacity of an “owner representative” and acts on behalf of the client, in the valuation exercise, negotiation, preparation of term sheet, due diligence, negotiation of bank credit terms, and finalizing the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) to be ready for signature by the client. The process involves close coordination with the lawyers, banks, property managers, brokers etc.
Two: CFH acts as a principle party and invites along a select number of investors to participate in a “club deal” type of a real estate transaction. CFH acts as a promoter and actual investor at the same time. In essence, CFH will be involved in the long process of screening, valuing, and negotiating, due diligence, securing bank credit facilities and completion of all relevant documentation. Post-acquisition, CFH is responsible for managing the asset and closely monitoring its performance. CFH will continue to coordinate with all parties involved including the property manager, bank, lawyers, auditors, and providing regular follow up reports to investors. Ultimately, CFH is responsible for the performance of the asset and stands accountable against the targets set earlier on.

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Private Equity

Since its inception in 2002 , CFH has been very active in advising and/or identifying private equity opportunities with emphasis on the MENA region. The private equity team at CFH has advised and successfully structured and placed an extensive number of private equity acquisitions covering range of industries including logistics, tourism, oil and gas, agriculture, education, health care, finance, and other manufacturing industries.

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